Naturopathic Modalities

Naturopathy encompasses a variety of non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical treatments. All Naturopathic physicians in Canada are trained and licensed in the following natural therapies:


Clinical Nutrition — examines the relationship between diet and health. Special diets, food elimination, variations in dietary habits or the use of nutritional supplements may be recommended.


Botanical Medicine (Herbalism) — the use of plants for healing dates back to the beginning of civilization and is the foundation of modern pharmacology. The use of herbs in many forms, such as teas, tinctures or capsules, are used for their healing effects and nutritional value.


Homeopathic Medicine (Homeopathy) — Homeopathic medicine uses minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body's 'vital force' and the self-healing abilities of the body. It is based on the principle of "like cures like", meaning that, certain diseases or symptoms can be cured by giving very small doses of of a homeopathic, which in a healthy person and in a large dose, would produce the same symptoms or disease as the ill person experiences.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture — based on balancing the flow of energy (referred to as Qi/Chi) through meridian pathways under the skin. TCM includes the use of herbs and acupuncture to regulate and release Qi in order to bring the body into balance.


Physical Medicine — this includes a variety of hands-on techniques for the spine, joints, and soft tissues. The most commonly utilized techniques are: hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, naturopathic manipulation of muscle, bone or the spine, gentle electrical impulse, ultrasound, diathermy, and exercise therapy.


Prevention and Lifestyle Counselling — NDs examine all aspects of a person's life in order to identify and address the impact that physical, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors have on their health. Lifestyle counselling and patient education helps patients make informed choices to reach and maintain their optimal health, as well as prevent future illness.



Naturopathic Principles

First, Do No Harm – use remedies and therapies that are safe and effective to increase health and decrease harmful side effects.

Healing Power of Nature – restore and support the powerful and inherent healing abilities of the body, mind and spirit.

Identify and Treat the Cause – the primary goal of Naturopathy is to determine and treat the underlying cause of disease.

Treat the Whole Person – take into account not only the physical symptoms, but also mental, emotional, genetic, and environmental.

Doctor as Teacher – assist individuals in understanding health and illness and teach them to become capable of maintaining health.

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion – application of all principles in a proactive form of disease prevention and health promotion.


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